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Raising Chaos Part 2: Automating Chaos Experiments with GitHub Actions

In part 1 of this mini series I talked about some of the basics of Chaos Engineering and how Azure Chaos Studio can be used to perform experiments in a reliable, repeatable and safe manner. In this blog post I’ll be looking at how to automate the execution and observation of the experiment I created previously to enable us to add regular resiliency testing to our development lifecycle.

Raising Chaos Part 1: Creating and Running Experiments with Azure Chaos Studio

Wy wife and I live in a small, fairly calm town in the UK and we love it - the peace and quiet suits us perfectly. That being said, everyone needs a dose of chaos in their lives from time to time, so this weekend I decided to take a look at the preview release of Azure Chaos Studio to find out how I can use it to breach the peace of my Azure deployments 😇

How To Run Custom App Insights Availability Tests for Private Web Applications

Availability Tests are a great feature of Azure Application Insights. They allow you to set up active black box monitoring from points around the world so that you can measure your application’s responsiveness and availability from outside of your environment. There is one snag however: the built-in availability tests originate from hosts on the public internet which means your web app must be exposed for the tests to succeed.